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Dr. Michael F. Gleeson, Esq. is Board Certified in General Surgery. Dr. Gleeson is an attorney and surgeon practicing law and offering advice on serious bodily injury in all types of accidents. Dr Gleeson grew up in New York where he attended Fordham University in the Bronx. His extensive surgical training was performed at NY Medical College/Lincoln Hospital South Bronx where he was chief surgical resident in 1989. Dr Gleeson was the first surgeon in a large geographic area in the North East U.S. to remove gallbladders, appendixes, hernias, lymph node dissections, and adhesions through a belly button as outpatient surgery. He designed instruments for these procedures which are used today in operating rooms worldwide.

An Effective Treatment for Meningitis

A clients son suffered from a very serious case of Meningitis. The child was always suffering from fever, had a headache or was unable to eat anything because of recurring vomiting. It was my friends’ ignorance at an early stage that led to such a condition of her child. It is very important to identify … Continue reading An Effective Treatment for Meningitis

Errors Associated With Electronic Records

While the use of electronic health record systems may seem like a promise of substantial benefits for the health of patients, including decreased healthcare costs, better care, and more advantages to hospitals, serious unintended consequences result from the implementation of such systems. Poor designs and improper use of EHR systems could lead to EHR related … Continue reading Errors Associated With Electronic Records

7 Commonly Occurring Unnecessary Surgeries

Whenever a doctor enters a medical school, he is taught to prescribe medicines and perform surgeries on his or her patients instead of tutoring them with preventive measures. Whenever you pay a visit to a doctor, always expect a hefty blow to your pocket and intake of numerous medicines. The surgeons these days have adopted … Continue reading 7 Commonly Occurring Unnecessary Surgeries

Heart Problems

Cardiac problems refer to all the problems associated with important heart conditions such as blocked blood vessels, narrowed vessels and other important issues such as heart attack and chest pain. There are many different types of heart problems that can arise including the following: Rheumatic heart disease: This is probably one of the most major … Continue reading Heart Problems

Delay in Diagnosis of Pediatric Cancer

In most parts of the world, getting access to experienced doctors has become difficult in recent times. In fact, there is usually a waiting time of months, or even years, to get an appointment with a quality . And this has many individuals of all ages succumbing to their illnesses, diseases or injuries. Especially when … Continue reading Delay in Diagnosis of Pediatric Cancer

Why do Surgical Errors Occur?

While performing a surgery, the surgeon has the immense responsibility of a life depending on him. A minute surgical error can cause a patient his or her life. It is the duty of the surgeon to plan out a surgery and ensure that all precautionary measures have been taken that can result in any error. … Continue reading Why do Surgical Errors Occur?

Causes of Anesthesia Errors

You might not be aware but performing anesthesia on the patient is actually the most critical process of the entire surgery. A single mistake may prove to be very risky for not only the health of the patient but also for the career of the doctor. Even after being such a sensitive issue, doctors sometimes, … Continue reading Causes of Anesthesia Errors

10 Tips to Avoid Emergency Room Errors

Never take the cases in the emergency rooms lightly. A small negligence on the part of the medical team can result in the worst possible condition of the patient. Most of these errors occur because the doctors fail to receive proper clinical information and history of the patient coming in. Not paying head to the … Continue reading 10 Tips to Avoid Emergency Room Errors

Find Out If Your Doctor Was Negligent

When you seek medical treatment, you expect your doctors to be capable of diagnosing and treating your problem. You never think you or your loved one will be the one who suffers an injury, or worse death, at the hands of your health provider. When the doctor or nurse does something wrong, or fails to do something, they open themselves up to litigation for medical negligence. If a doctor is ever negligent in their care, a patient has every right to receive damages, or payment, for the harm done to them. Usually, a person will contact an attorney to make sure their case is viable, and then retain that attorney so they can begin working on the case. You can guarantee your case is in good hands when you have a former doctor as your lawyer.

Uniontown woman killed, 3 injured in Point Breeze area crash

A Uniontown woman died and three others were injured Saturday afternoon in a two-vehicle crash in a residential area of Pittsburgh, police said. The crash occurred about noon in the 1200 block of Shady Avenue straddling the Squirrel Hill and Point Breeze neighborhoods, according to Pittsburgh police. The Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s office identified the … Continue reading Uniontown woman killed, 3 injured in Point Breeze area crash