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Specializing in medical malpractice, car accidents and other incidents where negligence is a contributing factor, our skilled legal team offer advice and support to clients at every stage of the legal process. Whether you’ve been involved in truck accidents or are struggling to parent a child that has suffered lasting problems due to birth injuries, we can offer a sympathetic, professional legal service that provides plenty of support as well as excellent legal counsel.

Our Attorney is Also a Doctor!

In addition to being a top notch attorney, our lead legal professional is also a fully qualified medical doctor and surgeon! This extra knowledge means that when it comes to proving birth malpractice or other medical negligence, we have a significant advantage. It also means that you can expect a caring, supportive service where the interests of the client are at the center of everything that we do.

Often Negligence Isn’t a Clear Cut Issue

Proving negligence can be a complex and lengthy affair. Particularly when medical personnel have been involved in life or death situations and have had to work hurriedly, there is often a fine line between negligent behavior and acceptable risk. We can help to tease out the circumstances which surround your pediatric malpractice case or other legal matter, determining if there is a legal case for negligence to be answered.

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