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Dr. Michael F. Gleeson


  • American Board of Surgery
  • American Association for Justice
  • PA Association for Justice
  • American Bar Association
  • PA Bar Association
  • Medical Licensed

Dr. Michael F. Gleeson, Esq. is Board Certified in General Surgery. Dr. Gleeson is an attorney and surgeon practicing law and offering advice on serious bodily injury in all types of accidents. Dr Gleeson grew up in New York where he attended Fordham University in the Bronx. His extensive surgical training was performed at NY Medical College/Lincoln Hospital South Bronx where he was chief surgical resident in 1989. Dr Gleeson was the first surgeon in a large geographic area in the North East U.S. to remove gallbladders, appendixes, hernias, lymph node dissections, and adhesions through a belly button as outpatient surgery. He designed instruments for these procedures which are used today in operating rooms worldwide.

Additionally, he was responsible for training and teaching many surgeons, students, nurses, and sales representatives for large companies. He also had an active surgical practice for many years. Dr Gleeson graduated Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles California. Dr. Gleeson is able to quickly identify the issues and potential defendants. He can then effectively communicate on a medical/legal level while seeking qualified experts and generating quality reports necessary to strengthen the plaintiff’s position. He does not guarantee any case will be instituted and a potential claim may require other opinions or referral. Dr. Gleeson will make an effort to objectively review your potential claim based on the information at the time, which may be complete or limited, and communicate truthfully why he believes you may or may not have a claim, including the strengths and weakness’ of a potential claim.