Hirschsprung’s Disease

Hirschsprung’s Disease is a birth defect which is present in the baby when born. The disease affects a baby’s large intestine or colon and creates problem in passing stool. This is the result of the absence of some nerve cells from a part, or the whole of a baby’s colon. A new born with this … Continue reading Hirschsprung’s Disease

An Effective Treatment for Meningitis

A clients son suffered from a very serious case of Meningitis. The child was always suffering from fever, had a headache or was unable to eat anything because of recurring vomiting. It was my friends’ ignorance at an early stage that led to such a condition of her child. It is very important to identify … Continue reading An Effective Treatment for Meningitis

Errors Associated With Electronic Records

While the use of electronic health record systems may seem like a promise of substantial benefits for the health of patients, including decreased healthcare costs, better care, and more advantages to hospitals, serious unintended consequences result from the implementation of such systems. Poor designs and improper use of EHR systems could lead to EHR related … Continue reading Errors Associated With Electronic Records